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Important Tax Considerations for Prize-Winners:

MICA is required to notify the IRS by Form 1099 of any prize winner receiving one or more prizes which in total are valued at $600 or more. Prize winners also receive a  copy of that Form 1099 at the end of the tax year.  

For that purpose, MICA will require any prize-winners fitting those guidelines to provide MICA with a completed IRS Form W-9 at the time of receiving their award(s). Blank W-9 forms will be available for the winner's use.

Although winnings of less than $600 won't be reported by Form 1099, most tax filings  require taxpayer reporting of smaller amounts as well.  Prize recipients are responsible for forfulfilling such requirements as apply to their individual circumstances. 

Any taxes due as a result of Fish Rodeo prize winnings are the responsibility of the prize recipient.